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Saturday Night of the Living Dead / Post Mortem Press

‘Saturday Night of the Living Dead’ Review

“There’s really no such thing as a casual horror fan.” When I read that line in Brad Carter’s book, Saturday night of the Living Dead, it dawned on me how true that was. Throughout the novel, the name-dropping (Bruce Campbell, John Carpenter, Wes Craven), the discussion of legitimate horror films, the homage to different horror genres […]

Mr. Mercedes

‘Mr. Mercedes’ Book Review

If you’re looking for a fun beach read that features a glut of stunted sexuality and shocking violence, Mr. Mercedes is the book for you. I enjoyed it very much even though it’s the sort of book that the thrill fades quickly after the last word is read, sort of like The Da Vinci Code. […]

Doctor Sleep

‘Doctor Sleep’ Book Review

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King is a great, unexpected sequel to The Shining. ( A book called Doctor Sleep sounds compelling to this sleep-deprived new parent.) Doctor Sleep is a sequel in the way that life has sequels, time has moved on and everyone is in a completely different situation than in the first book. Hell, I bet […]


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