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Exam / The Killing Room

Two Horror Movies with a Surprise Twist

Testing . . . Testing . . . Sometimes watching lots of movies can have its down sides, especially if you watch lots of “psychological thrillers”. That’s kind of a buzzword; any movie with a hint of a twist calls itself that, and very few actually live up to their potential. Some movies certainly do, […]

The Shrine / IFC Films

‘The Shrine’ Movie Review

Released in 2010, The Shrine is a Canadian horror film that packs a punch. It seems like a straight-forward, standard flick with lots of clichéd tropes: people go missing, mysterious, unfriendly villagers, a feisty woman journalist desperate to get the scoop. Under all the seemingly tired façade, however, is just a little bit more. It’s […]

Locker 13

‘Locker 13’ Review

Locker 13 is an anthology-style thriller emphasizing choice and the impact even a seemingly simple decision can have on a life. The frame story—an ex-con named Skip at his after-hours janitorial job—hints at things to come. His supervisor, an omniscient narrator, stresses the importance of knowing one’s self, of understanding that life is full of […]


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