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The Walking Dead Wallpaper

5 Worst ‘The Walking Dead’ Scenes Ever

I’m looking forward to The Walking Dead returning this fall, but I’m also bracing myself for ridiculousness. The Walking Dead has a long history of plotlines building to climactic moments that are puzzling, bizarre, and just plain stupid. This got me to thinking about the five worst The Walking Dead scenes ever in zombie apocalypse […]

Damien TV Show on AE

‘Damien’ TV Show Review

The Damien TV show is so close to being great! I’ll settle for good! Damien Thorn, the man who would be the anti-Christ, is a war photographer who is always on the front lines. While in Syria, a woman confronts Damien with a quote from his past that sets Damien on a journey of remembering some […]

Shawn Hatosy as Corporal Andrew Adams - Fear The Walking Dead _ Season 1, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Justina Mintz/AMC

What Did I Want from ‘Fear the Walking Dead’?

“The only way to survive in a mad world is to embrace the madness,” says the mysterious Strand to Nick the addict in Fear the Walking Dead.  Then Strand shows him a yacht parked off the beach behind his house.  But…having a boat ready to go to escape an apocalypse seems like a really rational […]


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