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Good As Gone

‘Good as Gone’ Review

Good as Gone by Douglas Corleone is the story of a reluctant child re-acquirer named Simon Fisk. Simon rescues children who have been abducted by a parent. But in this case, he is manipulated by the French police into locating an American girl named Lindsay Sorkin. He follows her trail all over Europe, Germany, Poland, […]

Lacey Flint Series

Lacey Flint Series is More than Just Mysteries

Lacey Flint is a London-based cop who is more apt to follow her gut than procedure. But it’s not quite what you think. Unlike Dirty Harry, she’s not going to abandon women or girls who are being hurt, and damn anyone who says anything different. In the Lacey Flint series, violence against women abounds, not as […]

Bellweather Rhapsody

‘Bellweather Rhapsody’ Review

Bellweather Rhapsody is somewhere between a cozy mystery– lots of locations and food- and a literary mystery– characters are symbols, people grow, the hotel mirrors the storyline! Minor background spoilers — nothing you wouldn’t read on the back cover. Bellweather Rhapsody a charming book that feels just a little too much like it was workshopped out […]


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