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Why I Like ‘Jessica Jones’ Better than ‘Daredevil’

I can already feel the indignant ire headed my way after posting that title. However, the truth is that Marvel’s Jessica Jones has me hooked, and watching Marvel’s Daredevil is like eating vegetables or doing homework: It’s good, and good for you, but not very fun. The premise of Marvel’s Daredevil is that Matt Murdock, who goes blind as […]

Marvel's Jessica Jones

The Only ‘Jessica Jones’ Review You’ll Ever Need!

AKA Jessica Jones is Awesome! Name a popular comic book character and there’s a really good chance that they were created before 1970. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Captain America were all created before the end of World War II, when your grandparents were doing the Lindy hop. Somehow, that nostalgia and name recognition plays […]

Jessica Jones stars in a Marvel Netflix show

5 Marvel Netflix Shows, Superhero Cameos in next ‘Superman’ Movie

The comic book adaptation news has been legion this week. So many Marvel Netflix shows are on the way! As always, I, for one, am very excited. Perhaps I should first mention that I find talking about Netflix programming to be irritating because you can’t quite call them “television,” as they are some kind of […]


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