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Once Upon a Time Header with Regina

10 Once Upon a Time Characters We Love to Hate

The Once Upon a Time characters are the reason fans keep tuning in. The stories have twists and turns, sure, but it’s the characters we love, and love to hate. Most of the Once Upon a Time characters are based on fairy tale or Disney characters. Lately, they’re even based on myths and legends. Regardless of […]

Arrow / Three Ghosts / The CW

Binge Watching Equals Binge Eating

Have you ever accidentally made an association between two of your favorite things? I recently realized I have created a strong association between two of my favorite things, a TV show and a food, without meaning to do so. We’ve all read and heard about research that shows TV viewers are getting fat because we […]

Emma Swan Turns Dark in Once Upon a Time Season 5

‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 5 Flips the Script

Once Upon a Time Season 5 is two episodes in, and weaves a tale that’s part Disney princess, part fairy tale and part legend. The series is stretching beyond its normal borders, looking for fresh material; instead of relying almost exclusively on Disney characters, Once Upon a Time has introduced Storybrooke’s residents to King Arthur and Camelot. […]


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