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How Crowdfire Upped My Social Media Game

Crowdfire has raised my social media game to a whole new level. Crowdfire’s smart algorithms and its user-friendly interface make it my go-to social media tool. Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but my opinions are my own and 100% truthful. I launched this blog in the fall of 2013. At that time, my social […]

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Facebook Events: Find Something Local To Do When You’re Bored

Facebook Events have become my de facto party planner. Okay, when I say “party,” I really mean “a quiet place to drink coffee and read and pray no one talks to me.” Regardless of what “party” means to you, I guarantee you’ll find some interesting events near you just by using Facebook Events. Typically, I […]


How to Read Media Medusa in Flipboard

I’ve been asked several times why Media Medusa doesn’t have an app. There are a few different reasons. First, the blog looks pretty good in browsers on mobile devices. If it was unreadable or unwieldy, I would be more likely to consider making a Media Medusa app. The other reasons are the same reasons people […]


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