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Carrie Fisher will be remember for more than just 'Star Wars.' / Gage Skidmore

How Carrie Fisher Was Amazing in This Galaxy

Carrie Fisher died today. She suffered a heart attack on Christmas Eve. I thought she was recovering, because this morning the news reported that she was stable. We lost her anyway. Carrie Fisher will mainly be remembered for playing Princess Leia Organa, and rightfully so. She was young and beautiful when Star Wars was filmed. Fisher was […]

Rogue One Cast

Some Completely Unreasonable Expectations for ‘Rogue One’

You know what I most vividly remember about seeing the first Star Wars movie?  That it didn’t seem like a regular movie, but rather like some kind of strange, special event.  I was 7.  I didn’t know anything about hype or watch the news about the blockbuster phenomena.  Hell, I’m not even sure how long the […]

Darth Vader in 'Star Wars Rebels' Season 2

‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season 2 Review

Star Wars Rebels isn’t just a knock-off TV cartoon that was created in an attempt to lighten the wallets of Star Wars fans through a line of new toys. Star Wars Rebels Season 2 is a heady, heart-wrenching mix of new stories and old friends. The second season takes what was working in the first season […]


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