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Best Audiobook Narrators / For Macro Monday Flickr Group / Theme Hobby or Hobbies / June 7, 2010 / Jeff Golden

Best Audiobook Narrators, Most Entertaining

The best audiobook narrators keep you entertained and engaged, without becoming monotonous or boring. But how do you know which books will be entertaining to listen to? Keep reading. Why audiobooks? Audiobooks make so many tasks more palatable for me. Listening to the best audiobook narrators is like the proverbial carrot on the end of a […]


Unseen University Meets Trinity College Dublin

If the late and lamented author Terry Pratchett will be remembered for one thing in academic circles, it may be his take on higher education, as practiced at the “Unseen University”. Okay, having an orangutan as a librarian might just be a little strange, but this is Pratchett. Now Trinity College Dublin (TCD) is to […]


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