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Re-Animating ‘The Simpsons’

One of my favorite shows is, was, and always will be The Simpsons. Twenty-five years later, it is very difficult to imagine how fresh and subversive The Simpsons seemed when it first came on. I was in college and crowds would gather around the few TVs on campus and just have a good time. But […]

The Simpsons / FOX

‘The Simpsons’ Review

The Simpsons, created by cartoonist Matt Groening, first appeared in 1987 as a series of bumps (short transition clips) on The Tracey Ullman Show. The Simpsons premiered as a half-hour comedy series on Fox on January 14, 1990. The animated series has won many Emmy awards and even spawned a feature film, The Simpsons Movie. […]

The Simpsons Movie / 20th Century Fox

‘The Simpsons Movie’ Review

Fans that enjoyed episodes from early seasons, and stopped watching The Simpsons long ago, will really enjoy The Simpsons Movie. The Simpsons Movie feels like an early episode, with more heart, more character-building moments, and more one-liners that are really funny. But I was disappointed that so much time is spent with new characters, instead […]


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