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What to Binge on HBO NOW

HBO Now Binge-Watch List and Drinking Games

HBO launched a stand-alone service through an app called HBO NOW. When you subscribe to HBO NOW, you can watch all that HBO offers, without having to do it through a cable or satellite service. Avid TV fans who have debated whether or not to keep paying for cable because they have to watch new […]

Arrow / Three Ghosts / The CW

Binge Watching Equals Binge Eating

Have you ever accidentally made an association between two of your favorite things? I recently realized I have created a strong association between two of my favorite things, a TV show and a food, without meaning to do so. We’ve all read and heard about research that shows TV viewers are getting fat because we […]

True Blood / HBO

‘True Blood’ Runs Dry

As of yesterday, IGN.com reports that True Blood will end after the seventh season, which airs next year. According the article, declining ratings are at fault for the non-renewal (cancellation is such an ugly word). Fans of the vampire TV show know that the last two seasons have been lukewarm, at best. No doubt the […]


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