I’m an obsessive fan. It’s very difficult for me to control myself when it comes to collecting stuff related to my favorite things, like Harry PotterLord of the RingsBuffy the Vampire Slayer and (sigh) Outlander.

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You can find an Outlander store on just about every shopping website. They’re bursting with more Outlander merchandise than a corset full of Claire. You can buy anything from authentic merchandise — like Claire’s wedding ring — to more common stuff — like Outlander notebooks — to clever — like a pocket Jamie — to a cheeky t-shirt that says, “If lost return to Jamie Fraser.”


#jamiefraser thought #dounecastle looked a lot like Castle Leoch. #outlander #outlandertour #Scotland

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Visit the Outlander store now!


To be honest, I rarely buy anything from the official Outlander store. I much prefer to shop for Outlander on Amazon. I’m an Amazon Prime member, so my 2-day shipping is free. Plus, they have excellent customer service, so I feel comfortable ordering from them.

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If you’re a woman reading this, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that you can find an infinite amount of awesome stuff from Outlander on Etsy. Crafters and artisans are making everything from jewelry to jumpers, mugs to mittens, shawls to shot glasses and so much more! I put together a “Get the Look” Pinterest board where you can see some of the best stuff Etsy has to offer.

Get the Look Claire Fraser

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Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth is a huge online store that carries all kinds of geeky stuff. Plus, they’re super nice people. In addition to Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter and other fandoms, they carry Outlander stuff! In fact, they usually have a different variety of items. Visit the Outlander section at Entertainment Earth to see some unique items.

Claire Fraser Coat

Claire Fraser’s Coat at Entertainment Earth

We also have lots of Outlander merchandise suggestions from Amazon at the bottom of this post. And be sure to check out our Outlander gift guide for more clothing, t-shirts, calendars and collectibles.

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Outlander Store

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