DC All Access is a web series about hot happenings in the DC universe, whether it’s comics, TV shows or movies. This list of top 10 Green Arrow moments from the comic books includes a storyline written by fanboy auteur Kevin Smith. They go all gooey, talkin’ ’bout Green Arrow — Ollie Queen to those who know him. Die-hard comic book fans will love this walk down (green) memory lane.


#10 When he faced Count Vertigo on the streets of Seattle and takes him down with his bare hands.

#9 When Oliver drops into a room full of enemies in a Yakuza stronghold. He kills the soldiers with an Uzi. He becomes disgusted with himself for killing.

#8 In Injustice: Gods Among Us, Oliver sacrifices himself, when he battles an evil Superman, in order to save his friends.

#7 As Mayor, Green Arrow brings down the wall that separates Star City. He also proposes to Dinah.

#6 Oliver uses the Green Lantern’s ring to take down Sinestro.

#5 In The Dark Knight Returns, Oliver fires a Kryptonite arrow with only one arm, using his teeth, while hanging upside down.

#4 In Green Arrow: Year 1, Oliver leads a rebellion against the slavers.

#3 From the Sound of Violence storyline, Oliver holds an arrow to Onomonopia’s head while the doctor’s save his son.

#2 In Zero Hour, Oliver has to shoot his best friend, Hal Jordan, in the heart to save the universe.

#1 Green Arrow: Hard Traveling Heroes shows the Green Arrow and the Green Lantern, traveling the United States and righting the wrongs of social injustice.

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Top 10 Moments in Green Arrow Comics

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