The Wizard World comic con is not what it used to be. If you’re old, like me, you remember when cons were tough to find, and it was even tougher to find someone willing to go with you. Media Medusa writer Mike Brown and I traveled to Milwaukee and Philadelphia to see James Marsters and Kevin Smith. I’ve gone to cons big and small, in Pittsburgh and Baltimore.

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Now superheroes and the fantasy genre are mainstream. Thanks to Wizard World, conventions have become streamlined and nearly ubiquitous. It’s easy to find a Wizard World comic con, that has big stars, in a city near you.

Here’s a partial list of movie and TV stars you can meet at an upcoming Wizard World comic con. More guests will be announced for the cons happening later in the year. Be sure to visit the official Wizard World website for full guest lists, dates and other information.

Minneapolis – May 6–8, 2016

Actors from GrimmAdventure TimeLegends of Tomorrow and Lord of the Rings

Des Moines – May 13-15

Chloe Bennet (Agents of SHIELD), Billy Boyd (Lord of the Rings), Once Upon a Time

Philadelphia – June 2-5

Way too many to list. Just about everyone who has starred in a Marvel movie, along with Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead)

Sacramento – June 17-19

Hayley Atwell, Sebastian Stan

Columbus – July 29-31

Ian Somerhalder, Jewel Statie, James Marsters

Chicago – August 18-21

Daredevil stars and Sebastian Stan

Richmond – September 9-11

Jewel Staite, James Marsters, Kevin Sorbo

Austin – September 23-25

Sebastian Stan, William Shatner, James Marsters

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Tulsa – October 21-23

Sebastian Stan, Ian Somerhalder, William Shatner

Pittsburgh – November 4-6

Jason David Frank (the Green Power Ranger) and more guests TBA

Visit the Wizard World website to see guests for the following dates.

Wizard World Cruise – December 2-5


New Orleans – January 6-8

Portland – February 17-19

Cleveland – March 17-19

St. Louis – April 7-9

List of Wizard World Comic Cons in major cities around the United States.